About Me:

                                                                                                                                                   James was born October 30th (hell night for all you ghoulish folk) in a small town in Michigan. He was brought up with one brother and five sisters. His mother and father being both musical and artistic. As a child he remember’s always being entertained by their music or busy creating art with them. They were also very much into the out-of-doors and they spent a lot of time hiking, fishing and camping. They also had a love for other peoples and there cultures. As an adult James also share’s that love for other people, there cultures, and the out doors. You can see the influences reflected in some of his art.



James worked for 9 years as a commercial artist in Southern California. He also taught art to children, teens, adults and mentally and physically challenged young adults for 9 years.

You can find James work displayed in galleries in California and in Michigan. It is displayed in homes throughout the U.S., Great Britain & Canada as well. He has been accepted into a number of juried shows throughout the years, taking several awards with his fairytale works.                        

The Work:

First off he does not consider himself a fantasy artist. He is a folk artist or a fairy tale artist. James grew up listing to the old classic fairy tales like the brothers Grimm.

“I try very hard to make my work reflect that same feel and time period. The magic, the whimsy, the mysterious all fascinate and enchant me. With all of the work, I do it for myself first and if others enjoy it that is the (icing on the cake) as they say. I love it when I see the different emotions on people`s faces as they look at my works”.

“I think that if I was not getting my creativity out painting and sculpting I would have to find some other outlet, if not I think you would find me locked up in a place that had rubber walls”. Ha ha.

When working, James starts by making sketches. Sometimes he get’s a number of paintings out of a couple of hours of sketching and sometimes he only get one. After coming up with a sketch he is happy with, he like’s to work with it some-more to define it, adding to it, taking things away from it. When he is happy with the final sketch he then decide’s what medium he want’s to use. Sometimes the sketch just screams out what it wants to become ink, pastel, pencil, oil or watercolor. Sometimes he needs to just think about it for some time. After that is decided the real fun begins. “

“I do not see the process as work, all thou it takes hours of sketching, drawing and painting to finalize a piece, not to mention the years of on going learning it takes. I find it very relaxing. My work is not just something I do for fun, for me it is a way of life. And what a life. I can not imagine myself doing anything else”.


Other than art classes in high school and one college class, James is self taught. He learns from looking at other artists and reading. He is always trying new ways of using his materials. He feels this is the only way that an artist can grow and not become stagnant.