Below are things people are saying about James work.


“James Keast's Faery Art brings whimsical woodland creatures to life!”

“What an awesome troll! He's even better than pictured! A+++++ to the artist!”

“Thank you! A Thousand Times Thank You! Wow! Exquisite Piece of Art! 5 Stars +!!!”

“Love the details and the love that goes into this artist work...so so sweet”

“Very Adorable. Wonderful transaction, will definitely buy again.”

“a great little piece; well made; promptly shipped and packaged well. thanks!”

“Great communication and fast service! Beautiful product! AAA+++”

“Excellent fairy,very good artist, a pleasure to deal with!!! Thanks James!!!”

“Great artist!I love my knotling,he is amazing, was a pleasure to deal with! AA++”

“Great sculpture, great seller, thanks James!!!!AAAAA+++++”


“what a super character, speedy delivery, many thanks a+”

“I cannot get enough of your creativity. You know i will be back again!”

“Item as listed, shipped quickly. Great transaction.”

“absolutely adorable, very quickly and carefully shipped, pleasure to do business

“nice concept!! Strange that nobody ever thinks of how the Green Man looks during the colder seasons...”

“when the draws are made from our hands and not in digital mode.. they have more valor! And yours is great!”

“Love it!”

“this is so nice! i adore all the critters, it's all so lovely very nice pencils!!”

“The owl is simply amazing...get lost in its eyes.”

“the childs face is chilling. Have you illustrated any books?”

“You certainly have a nack for black and white. Chilling...”

“The feathers are very interesting.”

“charming...love it!!!”

“i enjoy this type of art-i luv ur work”

“I love this creature! Elegant and strange...”

“Such a beautiful Owl! Great charm, and real feeling of folk and faery tale... Love it!”

“He's the very first fall coloured Greeman I've seen! What a wonderful idea... And great pencil work...”

“A haunting image... I think the black and white is perfect for it, too...”

“I adore the drawing. The expression on her face is different, I can't quite place what it is though. Wonderful use of shading and different textures. Interesting concept.”

“je fais une maitrise en théologie et la photo ci jointe m'inspire beaucoup. Mon sujet se pose sur la femme agressée sexuellement par son père. Votre image peut-eelle se permettre de demeurer dans mon compte si j'ai besoin de l'utiliser comme élément...”

“I am a loss for words. If my partner saw this he would be totally captivated for the owl is truly exquisate.”

“This is truly gorgeous. I love the detail and time spent on the clothing, and those moths *im a real moth lover*”

“Beautiful - love the details”

“Beautiful pencil work, Jim, great details, your characters have a lovely textured feel to them.”

“This is so beautiful, the feathers look so soft! Wonderful detail.”

“real nice!”

“Wonderful and very detailed work”


“I really like this piece. It looks like it belongs in one of those older books about mythological creatures. It's just so interesting!”